What is Fiber Optic Cable and How Does it Work?

With the increasing needs for quicker data transmission speed in the network, fiber optic cable is getting increasingly popular over the past few years. However, some people may still be all at sea of what fiber optic cable is. What is a fiber optic cable and how does it work? Read this post below to get information about fiber optic…

server racks in a data center

Guidelines for Data Center Rack Cable Management

Data center rack, as an effective solution to the increasingly higher demand for computing power and high-density network cabling in a data center, has been widely used in the telecommunication field. As a consequence, good cable management of the server rack has been a challenging task for IT technicians and network installers. In this post, how to organize the data…

Installing a rack mount patch panel

Rack Mount Patch Panel Wiki: What’s It? Why Use It? How to Use It?

The patch panel is an indispensable component of the network system. It serves as a static switchboard which connects a lot of devices to the central or critical hardware. Based on different application environment, patch panel can be classified into rack mount patch panel and wall mount patch panel. This article will focus on exploring the former: rack mount patch panel….

cable management panel

Networking Patch Panel Wiki, Types, and Purposes

Networking patch panel has been an indispensable part in daily cabling. Whenever setting up connections for all sorts of devices, like servers and switches, you have to deal with a large number of input and output cables. Under such a circumstance, the patch panel for networking will do help to effectively manage those cumbersome cables. Then, a series of questions…

Different types of CFP modules

What Does CFP Stand For?

The thriving of the 100G network makes the popularization of 100G optical transceiver modules, such as CFP modules, which provide a cost-effective solution for the 100G network. What does CFP stand for? How many types of CFP? This article will offer you the CFP wiki. What Does CFP Stand For? CFP (C form-factor pluggable) transceiver module’s form factor is specified by the…

a hand inserting optical transceiver in to a fiber management panel

What is Optical Transceiver Module?

The speed and stability of the network are making a great leap forward thanks to the high bandwidth and low attenuation brought by fiber optics. The optical transceiver module is the major building block in the fiber-optic network, which conveys the information across communication channels for your optical systems. This article offers some rudiments about optical transceiver module and suggestions of choosing fiber…