Dr. Kao and his wife

The World Celebrates the Birthday of Father of Fiber Optics

Today, the November 4 is the birthdate of Sir Charles Kuen Kao (Professor Kao), the man who is known as the Godfather of Broadband, Father of Fiber Optics and the Father of Fiber Optic Communication. FOMSN joins with the world of fiber optic professionals to celebrate his birthday. FTTH Council Europe has sent out an email to the registered users to remind the “Gimme Fibre Day”, which is on 4th November as a tribute to Professor Kao.


How to Choose Managed Switch for Home?

As a kind of Ethernet network switch, the managed switch is now widely used for the home network. Therefore, choosing a well-performing managed switch for home is a significant task. Well, how do you choose a managed switch for home? Here will have a thorough introduction to the managed Gigabit switch, its benefits and how to choose it. What is…


Comparison of FS.COM S3900 Series Gigabit Ethernet Switch

Gigabit Ethernet switch is an essential part of communication systems. It is widely used as the access layer switch, which facilitates the connection of end node devices to the network. The Gigabit Ethernet switches on the market mainly differ in port and function. Then which to choose from so many options of Gigabit switches on the market? FS newly launched the…

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Mini Industrial Optical Ethernet Switch

Mini type industrial media converter is an industrial grade media converter product developed by Sun Telecom for CCTV & Surveillance, power, transportation, oil and gas, and other applications. Key Features ● Industrial temperature ● POE function optional ● Din-rail mounting or wall-mounting Related News Why 25G Ethernet Switches Are Still Necessary? How to Choose a PoE Switch for Home? Open…

MLAG-Application in frame

Do you need MLAG for your network?

In recent years, networking has witnessed a rapid development. Enterprises have been equipped with the hyper-converged infrastructure. It is no wonder they are hunting for solutions to meet the next generation Metro, Data Center and Enterprise network requirements. In this post, we will introduce one of the most popular solutions to enhance the network capacity: MLAG. An Overview of MLAG…


Understanding Power Consumption of PoE Ethernet Switch

As PoE changes to meet today’s increasing application requirements like IP cameras or WiFi access points, it’s widely used for enterprises networks. Using a PoE or PoE+ switch, technicians can simplify the cabling installation because the PoE technology can support power and data transmission over the same cables. When choosing a PoE Ethernet switch, we always care about the ports and power…