What Is Open Source Networking and How to Achieve It?

The traditional network architecture has been unable to meet the needs of enterprises, operators and network users. It has complicated configuration on equipment and is slow in the iteration. To solve this problem, open source networking has emerged! Then, what is open source networking? How to achieve it? Just read through this post to find the answers! What Is Open…

officials from TE and Fiber Misr sign MoU

TE and Fiber Misr Sign MoU for Network Service

Telecom Egypt (TE) has entered into an agreement with Egyptian System integrator Fiber Misr to collaborate on providing submarine communication cable services. Sources close to the Ministry reveals that a memorandum of understanding has been signed by the two companies. TE and Fiber Misr will work together to service submerged fiber optic cables in the Mediterranean, Red Sea, Arabian Gulf, and off the coast of East Africa.

Picture of an open source switch

Open Source Switch: How Much Do You Know?

Usually, most enterprises employ closed switches in the data center. However, with the increasing demands for customized hardware and software of the switch, the open source switch starts drawing companies’ attention. Well, what is open source switch? How many kinds of open source switch do you know? This article will give a thorough introduction to it and make a comparison…


What is SFP+ Switch And How to Choose It for Home Use?

10G for home use is more and more commonly. When setting up the 10G network for home, people may pay much attention to the SFP+ switch, including its type, performance, price, etc. But do you really know what the SFP+ switch is and how to choose it for your home use? What is an SFP+ Switch? As a network switch,…

cumulus linux network

Open Source Software: Cumulus Linux vs Big Switch vs Pica8

Open source software is the software that can be purchased separately for being installed on bare-metal devices. It is an essential part of today’s open networking. Combined with the bare metal switch, open source software create an open installation environment for IT staff to build a network with choices, better tools and cost improvements. Here, we’ll focus on open source…

Tribal Pakistan to Get Connected with Fiber Optic Network

Pakistan’s Special Communications Organization (SCO) and incumbent operator, PTCL have entered in a contract to deploy fiber optic cables in the country’s Federally Administered Tribal Areas. It is estimated that more than 600 Kms of fiber optic cables are required to implement the project that would provide basic telephone and data services to the region.