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PLDT Collaborates with Google to Kill Wi-Fi Deadspots

Philippine’s incumbent telecommnication service provider PLDT collaborates with Google Wi-Fi f to offer its subscribers a new package of Wi-Fi services at home. PLDT and Google introduced new PLDT Home Google Wifi Plans, that will provide Wi-Fi in every room and every device. PLDT brand this service as Unli Fibr. The prices start at Php2,299 per month. The new Plans…


Summary of Fiber Optics You Ever Wanted to Know

Communication over distance has come a long way since the first days of the telephone. Current technology allows us to communicate with people anywhere on the planet thanks to the Internet. But what is the tech that allows us this great privilege? Fiber optics. Undoubtedly, you’ve heard of fiber optics, but what exactly are they? And how do they work? In this…

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Protectline will Protect French Homes

French telecommunication operator, Orange, and Groupama will form a joint venture company called Protectline. Both firms signed an agreement to establish a new company that will serve in the home telesurveillance sector.

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Hyperoptic Appoints New Managing Director for Infrastructure Business

UK’s broadband provider Hyperoptic has appointed new Managing Director and joins hands with others in its new executive team. Moray Falconer has been appointed as Managing Director, Infrastructure at Hyperoptic. Falconer joins Charles Davies, MD, ISP, and Pascal Koster, CTIO, and will report into its CEO, Dana Tobak, CBE. Different from conventional business strategies, Hyperoptic work directly with its partners…

French Guiana to Martinique Kanawa Submarine cable system

Orange Inaugurates Kanawa Submarine Cable System

France based Orange on 16th January 2019 inaugurated the submarine fiber optic cable system that is designed to strengthen the communication in French Guiana and the Antilles. Named as Kanawa submarine cable System, the fiber optic submarine cable system stretches 1,746 kilometers linking the French Guiana and Martinique. Kanawa Submarine fiber optic cable system is fully financed by the Orange…

Why 25G Ethernet Switches Are Still Necessary? 9

Why 25G Ethernet Switches Are Still Necessary?

It has been about five years since the arrival of 25G Ethernet in 2014. For those years, the 25G Ethernet market has been filled with ups and downs. Facing with the broad adoption for 100G Ethernet and the upcoming new connection speeds of 200G/400G, the use of 25G devices, like the 25G switches, has been in doubt. A Review of…