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SFP vs RJ45 vs GBIC – When to Choose Which?

SFP, RJ45, and GBIC transceiver modules are three main kinds of 1GbE transceiver modules on the market. You may be puzzled by so many choices of transceiver modules. Don’t worry about it. This article will help you clarify the differences between SFP vs RJ45 vs GBIC transceivers and give you some suggestions about how to choose from them. What Is an…

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What Does BASE-“n” Mean for Fiber Optic Transceiver?

The networking is a very complicated field. Especially, when it intertwines with many terms, it’s easy to make beginners get lost in it. In this article, we will explore the Ethernet network naming system as Base-“n” and its applications in fiber optic transceiver. Network Basics Before the subject, there are two terms we need to have a clear mind. The…


Stackable Switch or Chassis Switch On the Network Edge?

Network edge infrastructures can collect, transmit and record data passing the network. The infrastructures include gateways, routers, and switches. The switches on the network edge are located at the meeting point of two networks. The edge switches are closer to end-user than the backbone of the network. When it comes to choosing between a stackable switch and chassis switch for the…


SFP Slot Definition and Its User Guideline

It is obvious that optical transceiver is widely used in telecommunication and data center. Speaking of this, SFP module is inevitably involved. However, have you ever heard of SFP and SFP slot? Do you have any idea about how to use SFP slots? If not, read through this post to find what SFP slot is and how to use it….

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Switch Definition In Networking Explained

When it comes to networking technology, we won’t miss Ethernet switches. Because it is an essential part of networking communication. Connecting devices, such as computers, routers, and servers, together on a network, it enables current to be turned on and off and selects a channel for data transmission. Then you may ask, what is the switch definition in networking? What are the types of…

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What Is 10GBASE-T and Why Is It Important?

With the arrival of 10Gbe speed for the Ethernet, all sorts of matching applications spring up one by one. For these applications, the 10GBASE-T technology is one of the most commonly used technologies supporting 10Gbe Ethernet. In this post, we are going to explore this technology. Firstly, we will solve the question: what is 10GBASE-T? What Is 10GBASE-T  Technology? Actually, the…