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Videotron adds Ciena packet-optical transport systems to fiber-optic network

Ciena Corp. says it has supplied its 6500 Packet-Optical Platform to Canadian service provider Videotron. The packet-optic transport systems will enable the Quebec-based telecommunications provider to leverage its fiber-optic network to offer such advanced services as 4K TV and colocation.

BiDi Optics: A New Solution for 40GbE Transmission 1

BiDi Optics: A New Solution for 40GbE Transmission

If your data center hasn’t shifted from 10Gbps to 40Gbps infrastructure, now it’s your chance by deploying 40GbE with BiDi QSFP+ optics (ie. Cisco QSFP-40G-SR-BD) at lower costs than using 40G QSFP+ optics.

40G Bi-directional QSFP Transceiver 3

40G Bi-directional QSFP Transceiver

The virtualized workloads, cloud applications, and big data services today are driving previously server and data center fabric to an unimagined level. The existing 1Gbqs or 10Gbqs are gradually overwhelmed by higher-bandwidth like 40Gbps or 100Gbqs. Thus high-capacity optical technology and cabling infrastructure are required to support those servers and applications for 40Gbps upgrading. However, it might be too costly to replace all your equipment for 40G transition. So this article will introduce a cost-saving solution to help you smoothly migrate to 40GbE with the use of 40G BiDi QSFP+ transceiver.

Patch Cable Selection Guide to Fiber Optic Transceivers 5

Patch Cable Selection Guide to Fiber Optic Transceivers

Nowadays, a huge number of bandwidth-hunger devices are housed in data centers, like clustered storage systems, backup devices, and various servers, which are all connected by networking equipment. These devices need reliable and scalable cabling structure for high performance and flexibility. For some large- or middle-sized enterprises, their billion-dollar business lie in the suitable deployment of fiber patch cords and fiber optic transceivers. Since there are many kinds of patch cables available in the market for transceiver modules to promote data transmission in enterprises’ data centers, it seems a little difficult to choose the right kind for such transceivers. This text tackles this issue and provides some selection guide.

10G Transceiver Module

10G XFP Transceiver – How Much Do You Know?

In modern fiber optic networks, various tools and gadgets which are fundamental to performing smooth networking service have been designed with the latest fiber optic technology. Among these smart inventions, one particular device—fiber optic transceiver, attracts more and more subscribers’ attention. This device has two functions that it’s both a transmitter and receiver which are combined to form a unit…

MPO/MTP Cabling & Its Testing Issues 7

MPO/MTP Cabling & Its Testing Issues

Data centers have never ceased their appetite for bandwidth. Virtualization, storage area networks, cloud computing, coupled with a host of other factors, all these boosts that appetite. To meet such appetite means the use of a steady proliferation of fiber connections and ever-faster links. With the development of multi-fiber technology, MPO/MTP technology with multi-fiber connectors have been designed to support…