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ZTE Publishes a Whitepaper on Built-in Blade in OLT

China based ZTE Corporation has published a whitepaper on Built-in Blade in OLT (Optical Line Terminal Equipment), which the manufacturer claims as a first of its kind in the industry. The white paper introduces three typical application scenarios as well as the value of a built-in blade in OLT. First Scenario Large-traffic and low-latency accelerated video services including Access CDN,…

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Infinera Launches 800 Gbps per Wavelength Optical Engine

Optoelectronic solutions provider Infinera launched a new model of optical engine that is capable of high-capacity optical transmission with dual-channel 800 Gbps per wave and features leading optical performance. The new model is Infinera’s sixth-generation Infinite Capacity Engine, ICE6. ICE6 sets a new benchmark in high-speed optical transmission. Part of The Infinite Network, ICE6 builds on the success of Infinera’s…


Transceiver Modules for FS N-series Switches with Cumulus Linux

In response to the expansion of open source networking, FS released N-series switches combining with Cumulus Linux. FS N-series switches, as hot-pluggable I/O devices, allow interconnections between multiple devices by using various transceivers modules. To provide more convenience and good experiences, FS also supplies a wide variety of transceiver modules, which are compatible with these switches for users to meet…

Why 25G Ethernet Switches Are Still Necessary? 1

Why 25G Ethernet Switches Are Still Necessary?

It has been about five years since the arrival of 25G Ethernet in 2014. For those years, the 25G Ethernet market has been filled with ups and downs. Facing with the broad adoption for 100G Ethernet and the upcoming new connection speeds of 200G/400G, the use of 25G devices, like the 25G switches, has been in doubt. A Review of…


How to Choose a PoE Switch for Home?

PoE switch is gaining the increasing popularity for home use in the market. Therefore, there are many questions about choosing a suitable PoE powered switch for home. For instance, should I buy a managed or unmanaged PoE switch? Should I take an 8 port or a 24 port PoE switch? Or what kind of PoE switch do I need? Here…

8, 24, 48 Port Switch Recommendations

There are multiple switches in the market and their count of ports can come with 8, 12, 24, 48, etc. Among them, 8, 24, 48 port switch are more commonly used. Well, what should be considered before buying 8, 24, 48 port switch? Are there any recommendations for it?