Optocap Releases Turnkey Assembly Platform for Optoelectronics

Optocap Ltd. a provider of advanced packaging and assembly services for optoelectronics and microelectronics, has released a turnkey packaging platform for fiber coupling of optoelectronic devices. The platform utilizes the company’s proprietary designs, materials, and process knowledge for prototype and volume quantities.

Optocap says its standard platform avoids design and development NRE charges; utilizes Telcordia/Space compliant processes and materials; enables faster time to market by utilizing off-the-shelf components and avoiding key technical pitfalls; provides competitive unit prices based on automated assembly processes and utilizing economies of scale for purchasing materials, and offers flexibility for solutions from visible to terahertz wavelengths.

Features include:

 a wide range of packages, including 14-pin butterfly packages and TO-cans
 PM, SM, MM, polycrystalline, high-temperature fibers and FVAs, including lensed options
 high-quality AR coating with a variety of lens designs to maximize coupling efficiency
 solutions for a range of devices and wavelengths including DFB, DBR lasers, SOAs, SLDs, VCSELs, photodiodes, and quantum cascade lasers
 isolators and free-space optics
 thermistor, TEC, and monitor photodiode

“Optocap has been investing in the building blocks of our turnkey fiber assembly platforms over a number of years and we are pleased to bring this technology to market. This platform has already demonstrated significant cost, delivery, and performance advantages for a large base of customers in multiple technology sectors,” says Stephen Duffy, director of sales and marketing at Optocap.

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