Copper and fiber-optic-cable

Copper Cable vs. Fiber Optic Cable

When we try to compare the fiber optic cable with copper cable, we may be thrown into trouble most of the time. Actually, it is too difficult to be impartial because the pros and cons between them are so clear. Apparently, fiber optic cable outweighs copper cable in the aspect of speed or bandwidth. It is much faster than copper…

Three Factors That May Destroy Fiber Optic Cables

Fiber optic cable, which has become the essential component of nearly all modern computer and communications systems nowadays, has been deployed all over the world. Where there is a city, there are thousands of fiber optic cables connecting people to the networking systems. Without them, it’s hard get the information in real time. But there is a problem that once…

Shortage of Optical Fibers and Updates on Market Price

Optical fiber supply to fiber optic cable manufacturing companies has been delayed due to the natural disaster that hit Japan. Japan is home to many major optical fiber and preform producers. The earthquake and the tsunami that followed might have done considerable damage to at least some of the manufacturing facilities of the world leading optical fiber suppliers.

Nextrom to Setup Preform and Optical Fiber Manufacturing Company in Russia

We could read one such news from Knill Groupe, which is the world leading optical fiber and fiber optic cable machine manufacturer. Knill Groppe has two brand names such as Rosendahl and Nextrom. A new optical fiber and preform manufacturing plant will be established in Russia’s Mordovia Republic. The location of the new factory will be Saransk, which is the capital city of Mordovia. Nextrom will supply optical fiber and preform machines to this new factory in Russia. Mordovia is around 650 kilometers from Moscow.

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Factors Determining the Cost of Fiber Optic Cable

The cost of a cable plays a significantly major role in tenders. Quality of course is a factor and also is the reputation of the supplier. Some fifteen to twenty years before, the fiber optic cable industry with a few players around was not so vibrant and unpredictable in terms of price. The demand was also low. Very few countries…