12 fiber Flexible or foldable Ribbonizing technology

Prysmian to Showcase 6,912 Fiber FlexRibbon Cable at OFC

Leading fiber optic cable manufacturer, Prysmian in a press release informed its decision to showcase 6,912 fiber FlexRibbon cable at the Optical Networking and Communication Conference & Exhibition (OFC 2019) in San Diego, CA. Prysmian will present to the fiber optic market it’s 6,912 fiber MassLink™ Cable with FlexRibbon™ Technology. 6912F cable is the highest fiber count optical cable available…

optical fiber

Sumitomo and Optoscribe Cooperate for Multicore Fiber Components

The UK based Optoscribe and Japan-based Sumitomo Electric have reached to an agreement to cooperate to Multicore Fiber components. The strategic partnership with Optiscribe, which is one of the leading suppliers of 3D glass-based integrated photonics components, and Sumitomo Electric which is one of the leaders in optical fiber, cable and component manufacturing will serve the datacom and telecommunication sectors….

Connected drums - many drums in a row

Nexans Expands its Connected Drums Service Solution

Nexans has expanded its Connected Drums solution business to six countries in Europe, which the solution provider plans to take to the other parts of the world. Nexan’s Connected Cable Drum ERP solution helps real-time tracking of cable drums and can reduce the time it takes to return a drum back to Nexans factory by as much as 25 percent…

Fiber optics image showing cable and illuminated fibers and connectors

A Single Cable for Indoor and Outdoor Applications

The US-based fiber optic product supplier AFL introduces a unique single solution for both indoor and outdoor installation environment. The manufacturer’s LQ-Series I/O Plum Loose tube cable is suitable for inside plant and outside plant deployments. The plenum-rated cable possesses characteristics suitable to meet stringent criteria for indoor as well as outdoor environments. The maker in a press release says…

Manufacturing machines of optical fiber cables

HFCL Plans Expansion of Fiber Cable Manufacturing Capacity

Indian telecom product supplier, HFCL (Himachal Futuristic Communications Limited) plans to expand its fiber optic cable manufacturing facility in Hyderabad. A proposal to enhance the capacity to manufacture fiber optic cable has been approved by the board of directors of the company in a meeting held on 7 January 2019. The current decision is to enhance the production capacity by 3.5…

Understanding Fibre Patch Leads Types

Fibre patch leads offer a highly reliable way to transmit signals, which is widely used in the telecom industry. When selecting the correct fibre patch lead for a data center or network, it may be a challenging task since there are various types on the market. Understanding fibre patch leads types would be greatly helpful. What Is Fibre Patch Lead? Fibre patch lead is a fibre optic cable…