Optical add-drop multiplexer

How to Use OADM in WDM Network ?

OADM is a cost-effective and easy to use passive fiber optic component, which can provide easy to build and grow connectivity environment for WDM network. The optical add-drop multiplexer is one of the key devices to implement such optical signal processing. Use of OADM makes it possible to freely add or drop signals with arbitrary wavelengths over multiplexed optical signals…

Metropolitan Area Network (MAN)

How Much Do You Know about Metropolitan Area Network?

With the development of network tech and other communication techs, metropolitan area network(MAN) appears to solve the problems of LAN(Local Area Network)interconnection and make up for the disadvantages of WAN(Wide Area Network). Maybe there are still many people unfamiliar with MAN although it is widely used in daily life. The Definition of Metropolitan Area Network A Metropolitan Area Network (short…

wired and wireless network

LAN vs. WAN: What Is the Difference?

Although LAN and WAN are two types of networks commonly applied in daily life, and there are still many people are confused about the difference between LAN and WAN.  The Definition of WAN WAN, the abbreviation of Wide Area Network, is a type of computer network that covers a wide geographical area and communicated area across metropolitan, countries, national boundaries,…

Optical communication

BTC Expands Fiber Optic Network in Targovishte

Bulgarian telecommunications Company BTC reports that it had added the city of Targovishte, in the northeast of the country, to its fiber optic network. At present more than 7,000 households in Targovishte have access to the BTC’s optical fiber network and their number is estimated to grow steadily with the planned expansion of BTC’s networks.


Review: Popular 24-Port PoE Switch for Different Size Networks

Purpose built for converged networks where video, voice, and data are carried over a single network platform, PoE switches with 8 port, 24 port, and 48 port represents an ideal solution for different size networks like home or SMBs (small and mid-size business networks). 24-port Gigabit PoE switch is a relatively commonly used network switch, which in turn cause hot…

GPON applicatiion in FTTH

What Is the Difference Between EPON and GPON?

With the prevalence of FTTH (Fiber To The Home)in the access networks, PON (Passive Optical Network) naturally plays a key role in it. To further keep pace with the demands, EPON (Ethernet Passive Optical Network )and GPON(Gigabit Passive Optical Network) emerges from PON and become popular versions of it. Maybe one is confused about the difference between EPON and GPON….