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What type of gate to choose for your exterior
The gate is
essential equipment for the convenience of all buildings. And then again, when
we talk about security issues
, is an issue that is slurred in households today, the system has become unavoidable. That’s why we’re timelessly on the lookout
for sharp portals, those that offer the most comfort.
The different
types of portals
The portals that
can be enjoyed are actually electric. In principle, their technical
specificities make them much more efficient. Also, current designs are designed
to develop aesthetic qualities to best meet the requirements of the demand.
To support the
technical characteristics, the portals are divided into two broad categories.
The doors, first of all, very popular with the residences have a rather
important outside space. In fact, these are available with a single and a
double leaf. On the former, also known as rf remote cam gates, the articulated
arm is mounted on the installation pillar. In addition, the two-leaf leaves are
hinged to the two pillars that support the arms. Finally, the sliding gates, which are very common in houses with a perimeter wall, are fixed on rails and
will slide along a rolling guide to fit behind the wall at the opening.
Understand how
portals work
In concrete terms, the portals are equipped with an automation system enabling them to be easy to
use. Also, all models combined, thanks to this motorization, will be directly
connected to the electrical connection of the building. More precisely, they
use a motor which operates on the basis of a low safety voltage allowing the
mechanism to be articulated. The fact is that the arms (simple or articulated, depending on the model) which equip them will be controlled by the motor to be
able to manoeuvre the movements whether in closing or in opening.
But the engine is
usually embedded in a trunk and is discreetly hidden for better insulation. It
is also equipped with a radio frequency to perform the function required by the
gate wireless remote control. This is another point that will make electric
gates much more interesting, because users will no longer have to use force to
lock or unlock. In addition, to be more practical, they are equipped with a
mechanism that allows them to be independent of the electrical connection. So, when there is a power cut, it will be enough to act on the mechanism and
manually operate the opening.




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