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New Avago QSFP+ Product – QSFP+ iSR4

With times flowing by, the volume of data transmission running through data centers is growing at an amazing rate. The increase of bandwidth-hunger applications drives network designers to establish 40GbE (Gigabit Ethernet) links or even higher Gigabit links. Among countless optical devices used for 40GbE interconnections, such as Avago switches, when coupled with Avago QSFP+ iSR4 transceiver, these bandwidth demands can be accommodated.

About Avago Technologies

Avago Technologies, as a fiber optic vendor to supply fully compliant 40Gb Ethernet QSFP+ transceiver, Avago supplies various QSFP+ transceivers with high quality for high-speed optical/electrical performance while ensuring low power dissipation. And to further expands its fiber optical product lists, Avago releases a new QSFP+ transceiver: Avago QSFP+ iSR4.

How is Avago QSFP+ iSR4 Transceiver Released?

The 40GBASE-SR4 physical medium dependent (PMD) meets the need for 40 Gbps interconnects in the data center and makes use of lower cost 850nm Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Laser (VCSEL) technology. Each of the 4 lanes in 40GBASE-SR4 operates at the same serial bit rate as a 10Gb Ethernet link. However, it’s true that 40GBASE-SR4 standard provides an opportunity to further address the increasing bandwidth needs, but this 40GBASE-SR4 standard is not specified to be backward compatible with the 10Gb Ethernet short reach interconnect standard (Just as the following figure shows). Consequently, the QSFP+ iSR4 is designed to be fully compatible with the 40GBASE-SR4 specification. It’s capable of inter-operating with legacy 10GBASE-SR transceivers.

Avago QSFP+ iSR4 Transceiver Description

The letter “i” in QSFP+ iSR4 refers to the interoperability between this QSFP+ transceiver with any IEEE 10GBASE-SR compliant modules. This QSFP+ iSR4 module, with a four-channel architecture, integrates four data lanes in each direction with each lane operating at 10.3125 Gbps, offering an aggregated bandwidth of 40 Gbps. Considered as a QSFP+ iSR4 solution, QSFP+ iSR4 module operates over MMF systems with a nominal wavelength of 850nm, and uses 8 or 12 fiber MTP (MPO) connectors as its optical interface.

Avago QSFP+ iSR4 Transceiver Features

Just like other Avago QSFP+ transceivers, QSFP+ iSR4 transceiver is also endowed with several features. This high port density iSR4 is compliant to industry-standard QSFP+ SFF-8436 Specification, compliant to 40GbE specifications per IEEE 802.3ba-2010. That is to say, this QSFP+ transceiver can also be used for high-density 10GbE applications. It supports standard 40Gb Ethernet links of up to 150m over OM4 MMF (100m over OM3) as well as 10GBASE-SR links over the same distances. In addition, during operation, QSFP+ iSR4 is easy to be installed, whether for insertion or extraction. What’s more, Avago QSFP+ iSR4 is characteristic of digital diagnostic monitoring (DDM). This feature gives convenience in predictive failure identification, compliance prediction, fault isolation and component monitoring. Last but not least, Avago QSFP+ iSR4 reduces maximum specified output power.

Avago QSFP+ iSR4 Transceiver Applications
  • 40GbE, high density 4 x 10GbE, and 40G-IB-QDR/20G-IB-DDR / 10G-IB-SDR interconnects
  • Datacom/Telecom switch & router connections
  • Data Aggregation and Backplane Applications
  • Proprietary Protocol and Density Applications

Avago QSFP+ iSR4 proves itself as a suitable solution for designers to mount their network capacity. This Avago QSFP+ product provides reliable and high network performance. As a professional fiber optical manufacturer and supplier, Fiberstore offers a broad selection of Avago QSFP+ modules for consistent services. For more information about Avago QSFP+, you van visit Fiberstore.

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