Fiber Optics

Different Application of Fiber Optic

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Fiber optic cables have been a recent addition to many new and interesting applications in the world. There are many different industries around the world that have started using this very innovative cable for different uses, and all of them are unique and in their own situations. It is amazing to see how such a versatile thing can be used to help so many people in so many different ways.

Fiber optic technology is most notably used in internet connection and the telecommunications industry. It is now being used in the medical industry for certain procedures. For surgeries, it is used as a guide for very minute incisions and lasers in certain surgical procedures.

The fiber optic networks can also be used for field networking for government agencies and different uses within that. A lot of it is used in SONAR applications and sometimes even on aircraft wings.

The technology is also being used in not only Internet cases, but in TV and cable purposes as well. Because it is similar to the Internet and the data transmissions, for cable television, it is great to use for video on demand and other uses as well.

Not to mention, fiber optic is also being used for research and development for a number of new inventions, across a number of different industries. That is what’s great about it, it is not limited to just one industry or place.

With such a versatile material, there are many different industries that now have the ability and the privilege to get to work with such an innovative technology. The most popular usage, of course, comes in the form of telecommunications, but there are so many other applications for it. In the future, it is only guesswork as to where else we will see this wonderful technology go.

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