City of Ammon Promotes Fiber Optic Broadband

The Idaho based KPVI reports that the City of Ammon is looking to connect homes and neighborhoods with fiber optic cables that will deliver high speed broadband internet, significantly boosting data speeds for residents. The city had set the priority for connectivity, that is which neighborhoods need the connectivity first has been identified. Local news reports say that the residents living in the Cottage Estates neighborhood want to be the first in Ammon on to fiber optic broadband.  

Ammon is a city in Bonneville County, Idaho, United States with a population of around 14,000. Having more than doubled in land area and population since 2000, Ammon was among the fastest-growing cities in Idaho between 2000 and 2010. It is part of the Idaho Falls, Idaho Metropolitan Statistical Area.

The KPVI news reports that the fiber champion and information security professional, Jeffery Klinger has been going door-to-door in his neighborhood to convince his neighbors that getting fiber optic to the neighborhood is the best decision. He said to the KPVI that he faced problem to upload all of his data due to the slow speed broadband currently available in the area. In addition, he added that the fiber optic broadband is going to bring value to every home now and to the future to anybody else who look to move to Ammon.

The city estimates that the cost to deploy fiber optic broadband to homes will be around $3,000 per home, which is quite expensive. The high cost would be probably due to the geography and low density population in the area. Klinger said although it’s expensive about $3,000 per home, there are some incentives to this new service. The network would be built on Open-Access model, so that any provider can come and give service to the subscribers. Open access network model is customer-friendly model broadband network model as the subscriber can switch between providers at their will without much hassles.

Bruce Patterson, the Technology Director for the City of Ammon said that the city currently have three providers who are committed to serve residential internet service. He adds the City of Ammon will not be an internet provider, but they will provide lifeline service allowing residents to pop in for a short period of 30 minutes, in case of an emergency.  The city of Ammon does not want to be a competing commercial provider.

Author: Thomas Mathew

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