Vumatel Expands FTTH Project to Killarney and Riviera

South Africa’s Vumatel has added residents of Killarney and Riviera in Northern Johannesburg to its list for an FTTH network. The operator says the roll-out of the fiber optic network is scheduled to start in the first quarter, for residents and businesses. Killarney and Riviera join existing fiber hood Parkhurst and soon to be connected Greenside and Parktown North. Parkhurst…

Fiber Optic News 2015 February 21

Fiber Optic News updates of February 21, Sumitomo Electric Lightwave unveils Lynx2 Splice-On fiber-optic connectors: Sumitomo Electric Lightwave (SEL) now offers the Lynx2-PLUS CustomFit Splice-On Connectors line. The fiber-optic connectors are designed to … West Virginia Bill Would Bond for Fiber-Optic Lines: A bill before the West Virginia Legislature would provide bond financing to build a state-owned fiber-optic network to bring fast Internet service to rural … 11…

Vodafone tests 400 Gbps on existing network

In an attempt to test the fiber optic network capacity in Spain, Vodafone in collaboration with Alcatel-Lucent had successfully conducted a trial to transmit 400 Gigabits per second data over its network. The network selected for trial transmission was around 400 kilometers long that runs between Madrid and Zaragoza. Alcatel-Lucent used its 400 G transmission technology for the test to…

New World Telecom Selects Alcatel-Lucent for 100G Deployment

Alcatel-Lucent provides 1830 Photonic Service Switch (PSS) for high capacity and performance and also gives flexibility by re-allocation of bandwidth automatically to address the faults that may occur in the network. The deployment of 100G will enable New World Telecom to use a mixture of different speeds such as 10G, 40G, and 100G on the same optical fiber pair.

Northern Mexico Gets Fiber Optic Broadband

Kit Carson Electric Co-operative, KCEC is preparing to deploy optical fiber cables to the households in Northern Mexico. The fiber optic broadband project will be funded by the broadband stimulus program. KCEC received USD 63.8 million in grants and loans to deploy high-speed broadband technology in Northern Mexico.

Verizon Decides to Deploy MDU Cables from OFS

We heard such a good news from OFS press release that Verizon Communications Inc. had decided to procure and install OFS’ EZ-Bend® multiple dwelling units (MDU) drop cable which Verizon will use in their MDU FIOS applications.   OFS’ leading MDU drop cables will support cost economical installation of fiber to the home or fiber to the building. Optical fiber deployments at the premises have to be cost-effective in order to make it attractive to the subscribers.