The CEO of “Sun Telecom” Caesara Niu was Invited to Visit the United Nations in Vienna

CEO Caesara Niu (First from Left) in Front of Vienna International Center Received the invitation of “United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO)”, the CEO of “Sun Telecom” Caesara Niu visited the headquarters of “UNIDO” in Vienna to participate in the 3rd “BRIDGE for Cities – Belt and Road Initiative: Developing Green Economies for Cities” event from October 9th to 11th,…

Fiber to the home technology

Enel Open Fiber Granted Fund for Italian Fiber Broadband Network Deployment

Reuters report from MILAN that Italy’s Fiber optic broadband network provider, Open Fiber has secured enough funds from different sources required to speed up its network rollout throughout the country. Enel in a statement said that the banks, state lender CDP and the European Investment Bank had signed off on a 3.5 billion euro project finance package to help fund the ultrafast broadband network it is rolling out across the country.

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MASMOVIL Fiber Network Reaches to 11 Million Spanish Households

MASMOVIL Group in a press release said their fober optic network had reached 11 million households in Spain. The Company can commercialize the most attractive fiber optic convergent offer of the Spanish market, throughout its brands: Yoigo, MASMOVIL and Pepephone. The company covers all the Spanish provinces with its fiber offer.

Do You Really Know SDI(Serial Digital Interface) in These Aspects?

Maybe most of the people have a knowledge of SDI(Serial Digital Interface), but when it really comes into it, how many people are there indeed familiar with it? Then today, Gigalight will make a comprehensive introduction to you about it in these aspects. What is SDI? SDI (Serial Digital Interface) is a digital video interface standard made by SMPTE organization….


Good Forecasts for Global Optical Fiber Cable Market

An optical fiber cable uses light wave for voice and data transmission and its data transmission capacity is 4.5 times more than conventional copper cables. So in the past several decades, we have seen that fiber optic cables are superior to traditional copper twisted-pair cable or coaxial cable because of its unique physical characteristics, allowing information to travel at higher…

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Cameroon Updates Status of National Fiber Backbone Project

Cameroon’s Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications updated that the total distance of fiber optic networks in the country has reached to nearly 12,000 kilometers. This was achieved by installing 3,950 kilometers of backbone fiber cables as part of the third phase of national fiber optic backbone project. The third phase is completed this year. Cameroon started the first phase of the national fiber optic backbone project in 2009. Second phase was started in 2011 and was completed in 2013. Second phase consisted of 3,200 kilometers of fiber cable route. As part of the strategy, the second phase was executed at the northern region of the country.