Telefonica to Share Submarine Fiber with Internexa

Latin America based Internexa had reached agreement with Telefonica to use later’s new submarine fiber optic cable that connects Brazil to the United States. The 11,000 kilometer long submarine fiber optic cable called BRUSA will be helpful to manage the traffic between latin countries and North America and is estimated to handle the growing high bandwidth transmission requirements.

Internexa’s use of Telefónica’s submarine cable infrastructure will expand its network and improve its capabilities in the Americas.

The BRUSA cable system will become part of Telxius, Telefónica’s new global infrastructure company.

Telefónica announced today an agreement with Internexa, a telecommunications company part of Colombia’s ISA Group that offers connectivity infrastructure services, Internet access and ICT solutions in the Americas.

The long-term agreement contemplates the acquisition by Internexa of rights to use fractions of pairs of unused optical fibers on Telefónica’s submarine cable BRUSA, as well as on the SAM-1 and on the Pacific Caribbean Cable System (PCCS). PCCS is a consortium cable deployed last year. The agreement has been possible thanks to the longstanding relationship between Internexa and Telefónica, thereby making the two companies partners in the development of large specific projects.

Internexa operates an extensive network of more than 18,000km of terrestrial optical fiber in Latin America, reaching the most important and populated cities and towns of the region. The reliability, coverage and excellent customer service have made Internexa an important carrier in Latin America, a fact evidenced by more than 160 local, regional and global telecommunications companies using Internexa’s network to provide services in the region. During these 10 years Internexa has led the development of the Latin American telecommunications ecosystem, providing innovative and reliable services and deploying large scale networks in the region.

The new infrastructure agreement will allow Internexa to connect Brazil and Colombia with the United States and to expand its fibre optic network from 30,000 km to 60,000 km, promoting bandwidth development in the region. They will also reinforce Internexa as a Tier-1 telecommunications company in the region.

The agreement arrives just days after Telefónica announced the deployment of BRUSA. The BRUSA cable system is expected to begin operations in early 2018.

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