Spanish broadband grows 5.7% in March

Spanish Telecom regulator CNMC reports growth of broadband services in Spain that is mainly driven by the growth of Fiber to the home broadband. The telecom statistics for the month of March have shown a growth of 5.7%.

The total broadband lines in Spain amounts to12.83 million, which corresponds to 27.6 lines per 100 inhabitants. Broadband service providers in the country could add 29, 609 new customers to the fiber to the home broadband services. Total number of FTTH customers in Spain reaches to 126,485 in March.

On the other hand legacy copper cable broadband services are losing its customers. ADSL subscribers ar declining, while FTTH subscribers are increasing in number.

Mobile phone sector had also shown declining trend in Spain. In mobile telephony, subscribers are declining for the sixth consecutive month. Service provides in this sector lost more than 225,000 prepaid lines. OMV only showed a net gain of subscribers in mobile telephony by adding 79,960 customers.

Market Share by Major Service Providers
Spain CNMC march data

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