Globe Invests in Expansion of Fiber Optic Networks

Philippines based Telecommunications provider Globe Telecom (Globe) invests majority of its 2016 capital expenditure of $750-million to install fiber optic cables. Globe intends to install high speed fiber optic communication lines to 20,000 communities all over the country. This expansion is necessary to make the telecommunication provider competitive in the market.

Globe president and chief financial officer (CEO) Ernest Cu said the telco is looking to boost its capacity by 70 percent, and is planning to take away the stigma of having the slowest internet speed from the Philippines. Globe understands that for the Philippines to fully take advantage of new digital opportunities, they need to create an Internet superhighway and provide ultra-fast internet connections that will enable growth in every corner of Philippines.

This year Globe focus on improving and increasing data services it offers to its subscribers. The operator will increase the capacity of its networks for both mobile and wirelines using different technologies including 3G, LTE and even WiFi. It will also replace old copper wires that have been used for wireline connections in the past. Optical fibers provides the speediest way to access data. Globe expects the replacement of copper cables and installation of fiber optic cables will provide speedy services to the subscribers in a more efficient way allowing instantaneous streaming of high definition multimedia content.

Officials of Globe said that unlike the company’s previous network modernization program, for the network build to be as pervasive as possible, it will also depend on the cooperation of other stakeholders such as local government units and homeowner’s associations. Last year, Globe spent more than 50 percent of its capex on its network.

Many Filipinos work overseas and the country’s economy to a great extent have dependency on the money send by these expatriate community. High speed broadband services will enable this expatriate community to connect with their relatives in Philippines. Fiber optic cable broadband services are necessary to ensures seamless communication and connectivity.

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