Fiber Optic News 2015 March 6

BT to create 1000 apprenticeship and graduate jobs

Engineers from BT have so far laid around 200 kilometers of optical fibre cable and installed more than 200 new fibre cabinets across County Durham, ..

Breakthrough in nonlinear optics research

(Nanowerk News) A method to selectively enhance or inhibit optical … If the optical wave travelling along a fibre is disrupted – scattered – by the …

Town seeks more info on fibre-optic network

Okotoks town council has taken a towards developing a fibre-optic network, in the hopes of bringing the fastest internet speeds in the country to the …

Business lobbying is best way to lure fibre networks across the countryside

Businesses that want proper high-speed, fibre-optic broadband networks in their town or city need to get lobbying if they want it to be chosen, …

Superfast Cymru reaches halfway, brings fibre to 346000 more homes

The Superfast Cymru broadband project, which intends to extend fibre optic broadband connections to 96% of homes and businesses in Wales, has …

Etisalat to invest Dh4 billion in 2015

He said that etisalat has set aside Dh3.5-4 billion for this year to resume the installation of fibre optic network in the country. This will place the UAE ..

Metro Fiber plans Fort Monroe to Norfolk underwater expansion

HAMPTON — Metro Fiber Networks plans to place an underwater fiber optic cable on the floor of the Chesapeake Bay connecting the Peninsula to …

EPB Lays Out Plans To Provide All Of Bradley County With High-Speed Internet, TV Service; Cost …

EPB will offer fiber optic service to the county if current legislation, Senate Bill 1134 or House Bill 1303, pass and allow any Internet provider to serve ..

Ultra Stable Light Sources With Or Without Fiber

Ottawa, Canada – OZ Optics’ series of laser diode sources deliver an ultra stable output, either directly or via a fiber optic cable. Sources are available …

Simplifying Inter-Building Fiber Networks With Superior Signal And Serviceability

Using the latest in “blade-like” fiber optic network connectivity, high-density, flexible subgroup cable, between buildings offers simplified installations, ..

The Worldwide Consumption Value of Fiber Optic Fusion Splicers in 2014 Reached USD 528 …

An extensive market research report at addressing the fiber optics communications industry has been released which …

OZPEN™ CO2 Fiber Optics Cleaning Unit

Ottawa, Canada – The OZPEN is a versatile, precision, small surface area cleaning system for critical fiber optics and other manufacturing operations

Phase One of Ghana’s fibre optic project completed

The Government of Ghana has announced the completion of phase one of its national fibre optic project. The new Eastern corridor fibre optic project ..

Indotel plans to deploy national fibre optic network

The Dominican Institute for Telecommunications (Indotel) announced a plan to deploy a national fibre optic network to boost internet access across the …

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