Algerian Telecom Confirms Plans to Produce Optical Fiber

Confirming previous reports that Algerian Telecom (AT) intends to start domestic production of optical fibers in Algeria, the CEO of Algerian Telecom revealed the country’s plans to soon start producing optical fiber. Algeria Telecom CEO Azouaou Mehmel told the Algerian Managers (FCE) Forum that the telecom operator is in discussions with national industry groups for the local production of optical fiber and accessories that the company imports. Mehmel said the company will engage “soon” in partnerships with these industry groups for the production of optical fiber”.

Mehmel noted that the need of Algeria in terms of optical fiber is “very important”, especially for domestic wiring. Mehmel also noted the existence of a project for the local manufacturing of connection equipment such as terminals, modems, and some accessories.

AT plans to invest more than DZD 40 billion during 2016, the CEO said, adding that Algeria is an extremely promising market, which wants to become more international.

Algeria Telecom will soon launch an internet connection (fixed broadband internet) of 20 mbps, Mehmel said. Algeria is home to one of the optical fiber cable manufacturing company called CATEL. This company produces fiber optic cables and supplies to the domestic customers including Algerian Telecom. CATEL procures optical fibers from world leading optical fiber suppliers.

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