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Fat reduction by mean of Coolsculpting treatment


CoolSculpting is the only system that destroys fat cells by cold. We all have the experience that the oil or butter becomes solid when put in the fridge. This technique has revolutionized the treatment of localized fat since for the first time it is possible to eliminate fat in a non-surgical and definitive way. In a single session we can eliminate around 30% of the accumulation of fat. The technique has already evolved allowing a greater elimination of fat, in more areas and in less time, and the treatment can be repeated as many times as necessary. In patients with localized fat and with realistic expectations, very satisfactory results are achieved.


The procedure is supported by Coolsculpting Treatment In Boston. This research has showed that fat cells are, by nature, more vulnerable to the cooling effect than other adjacent tissues, and therefore can be eliminated by cold without damaging the skin. The fat cells enter in a natural death sequence and are normally eliminated through a normal body’s metabolic process. This way, the localized fat decreases around 20% in the treated areas, and after the treatment, see the results between 1 and 4 months.

The CoolSculpting in Boston treatment is very tolerable since the area is “asleep” due to the cold. The skin may be a little cold and parchmentized for about 30 minutes after the treatment.

What happens with the eliminated fat? Is it safe?

Many people have searched for the Best Place for Coolsculpting to improve the love handles on their waist. The result has showed that there is no variation in blood lipid levels or liver function. Therefore it can be assured that CoolSculpting is a not only effective but also safe technique to eliminate fat without surgery by cold.

It is also essential to inform the patient before treatment: it is not a solution for obesity, but for localized fat. Although, obese people can use it to solve problems in a certain area through Coolsculpting Boston.

Common effects after treatment of fat reduction:

  • It is possible that a moderate redness appears in the treated area.
  • A localized hematoma may also appear which disappears within a few weeks.
  • Some patients experience a tingling or numbness of the treated area, which may last from 1 to 8 weeks.

What differentiates Coolsculpting from other procedures?

  • Controlled cooling attacks and eliminates only fat cells.
  • Other treatments such as laser, radiofrequency or focused ultrasound can also affect the tissue adjacent to the fat cells in a way that is not comparable to the CoolSculpting method.
  • Now Coolsculpting Near Me has allowed treating two sides of body simultaneously.

A good candidate for the procedure:

  • The ideal candidate is a thin person, but with modestly pronounced fat deposits, which are complicated to eliminate with diet or exercise. It is not a way to lose weight or treat obesity, nor is it an alternative to liposuction.


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