Upper Arlington Proceeds With Fiber Optic Network Plans

City Council members of the Upper Arlington met to discuss on how to proceed with the proposal to connect city offices, schools and the library buildings in the city with the high speed broadband network. Fiber optic cables will be installed to connect these facilities. City Council estimates the project cost for deploying fiber optic cables would be approximately 2.5 million US dollars.

City Council will make necessary legislation that will empower it to make contractual agreements with the concerned parties for construction of fiber optic networks around the city. As it is not usual for the City Councils to enter in to the broadband infrastructure development activities, some of the clauses in the legislation need to be considered for changes. Under the plan, Upper Arlington schools and the Upper Arlington Public Library would partner in the project.

Fiber optic cables would be connected to the City Council offices, libraries and schools, but other interested companies can lease the broadband network and services. School students can access to the internet at higher speeds, which will enhance their browsing experience while contributing to their study. City Library would pay 17,616 US dollars, the City would pay 68,484  US dollars and the school district would pay 177,900 US dollars annually until the total cost of the project is paid off.

Author: Prakash

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