DFA Buys Controlling Stakes of SADV

South African Open-access Fiber-optic network infrastructure provider Dark Fibre Africa (DFA) announced the acquisition of certain percentage of stake-holdings in ‘South Africa Digital Villages’ (SADV). SA Digital Villages (SADV) operates in the Fiber-to-the-Home broadband deliver market segment in South Africa. SADV can transform from its current business model to a wholesale Open-access FTTH service provider in the market.

Since its inception eight years ago SADV has been one the longest-serving operators of FTTH networks in South Africa. SADV will leverage the DFA national fiber optic footprint to build and extend the reach of their open-access FTTH network.

Dark Fiber Africa finances, builds, installs, manages, and maintains its own next generation networks built with fiber optic technology to transmit metro and long-haul telecommunications traffic in South Africa. The company started rolling out our network in South African cities during October 2007. DFA invested over R5 billion and installed close to 8000 kilometers of fiber optic infrastructure throughout South Africa in 2014. The company leases their secure transmission and backbone fibre infrastructure to telecommunications operators, Internet service providers, media conglomerates, tertiary education institutions, municipalities, government organizations, and other businesses, large and small, on equal terms.

Open-access dark fibre empowers users to scale up their operations without spending large sums of money to expand their infrastructure. This enables small and medium enterprises to compete with larger players in the market and supports a vibrant, sustainable local SME sector.

Headquartered in Irene and Centurion and having regional offices in Durban and Cape Town, DFA has state-of-the-art network monitoring centre in Rivonia, Johannesburg.

SADV will now offer its FTTH network on a wholesale basis to internet service providers in the country, enabling them to deliver a range of the internet and value-added services to consumers, while at the same time providing consumers with choice and the benefits associated with service-based competition.

The acquisition will see both organisations still operating as separate entities where current job roles remain unaffected. It will also empower employees to seize greater opportunities through the emerging FTTH market.

Author: Prakash

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