Vantage Plans Hyperscale Datacenter in Greater Phoenix

Vantage Data Centers has chosen Phoenix in Arizona as the place for building its next hyperscale datacenter in the United States. Fiber optic cables will be extensively used in the data center to provide highly reliable and high-speed data transfers. Greater Phoenix would host the largest data center of Vantage.

Traditional switch vs bare metal switch

Will Bare Metal Switch Be Popular in 100G Data Center?

Nowadays, the requirement for bandwidth and transmission speed in data centers is increasing strikingly. To meet the demand for it, networking industries are moving toward a new direction. Focuses previously changing from 1G, 10G and 40G are now shifting to 100G. Therefore, 100G is the trend of data center. According to a report by Dell’Oro Group, bare metal switch vendors lost share in the 100G data center switching market in 2018 while traditional vendors, such as H3C, Cisco and Huawei, gained. Do you agree with that? Let’s take a look at what the bare metal switch is and whether it will be popular in 100G data center?


Network automation with FS N-series data center switches

As enterprises and data centers increasingly adopt cloud models and expand initiatives like mobility, big data analytics, and unified communications, there are tens of thousands of computing, storage, and network devices. It’s such a big challenge to manage these processes by traditional manual operation through command line interfaces (CLIs). Under this circumstance, network automation is becoming a necessity for IT departments,…

What is EVPN switch?

EVPN introduces a new model for Ethernet services delivery. It provides a scalable, interoperable end-to-end control-plane solution for VXLAN tunnels through using BGP, which means it offers an easier solution for layer 2 virtualization over a layer 3 routed infrastructure. EVPN is regarded as the next generation all-in-one VPN technology. Then what is EVPN? This articles focuses on EVPN, and…


Network OS Systems for Bare Metal Switch

As you may know that a network switch with no network operating system (NOS) is referred to as a bare metal switch. Unlike a white box switch with the vendor’s own or 3rd party already loaded NOS, a bare metal switch allows you to load a network OS according to your own will. After installing the NOS, these two types…

server racks in a data center

Guidelines for Data Center Rack Cable Management

Data center rack, as an effective solution to the increasingly higher demand for computing power and high-density network cabling in a data center, has been widely used in the telecommunication field. As a consequence, good cable management of the server rack has been a challenging task for IT technicians and network installers. In this post, how to organize the data…