ElectroniCast’s Outdoor Free Space Optics Market Forecast (2019-2029)

Worldwide Commercial Use of commercial terrestrial FSO Transmitter/Receivers Reached $19.56 Million in 2019 and forecasted to reach $363 million in 2029.    September 18, 2020 – ElectroniCast Consultants, a leading market and technology research consultancy addressing the optical communications industry, today announced the report release of their 10-year (2019-2029) global market forecast and analysis study covering the outdoor use of…

25G Ethernet vs 40G Ethernet

25G Ethernet vs 40G Ethernet: Which to Choose?

In today’s ever-evolving data center, the growth in demand for bandwidth can be achieved by a shift to higher transmission speed-100G. To upgrade to 100G, there’re two approaches, 10G to 40G to 100G and 10G to 25G to 100G. So which one should you choose? Here focuses on 25G Ethernet and 40G Ethernet, and makes a comparison in the application, network switch selection, and cabling…

Artificial intelligence in telecom

Glo Plans to Utilize Artificial Intelligence in the Telecom Sector

Glo (Globacom Limited) is set to deploy first Artificial Intelligence (AI) related tools to modernize the telecommunication applications in Nigeria. The next generation of platforms will reform the telecommunication sector in the country. Artificial Intelligence related tools will help the telecommunication operator to optimize their Planning, operations, and maintenance to achieve maximum output. Telecommunication industry is one of the ripen…

working principle of 50GE PAM4 optical module

What is PAM4 Encoding Technology?

With the PAM4 encoding technology, the amount of information transmitted on 50G PAM4-based optical transceivers within each sampling cycle doubles. A 25G optical component can be used to achieve a 50Gbps transmission rate, reducing the costs of optical transceivers. 50G PAM4 applies to multiple scenarios, such as single-lane 50GE PAM4 optical transceivers, 4-lane 200GE optical transceivers, and 8-lane 400GE optical…

picture of a road with 4 cars written with different transmission speeds ready for race towards 100G

25G Ethernet – How it Develops and What’s the Future of it?

Have you ever heard of 25G Ethernet? It is a hot topic which is often mentioned these days. Then, what is it and how it develops? What’s the future of it? Let’s find all the answers together in the following text focusing on the developing process of 25G Ethernet. What Is 25G Ethernet? Why Does It Appear? 25G Ethernet, or…


WiFi vs Ethernet Cable: Which One Should I Choose?

With the popularity of the mobile Internet in recent years, we’ve seen a large number of smart devices in our homes and offices connected to the Internet via WiFi. Then will WiFi outperform the capabilities of the traditional Ethernet cables? WiFi vs Ethernet cable, which one should I choose? What factors shall be taken into account before settling for one of these options? How do latency and interference affect the speed of WiFi and Ethernet? We’re gonna answer all these questions in this article.