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Introduction to Fiber Optic Splice Closure

Fiber optic splicing is important for fiber connections. Fiber Optic Splice Closure is a fiber management product typically used with outdoor fiber optical cables. It provides space and protection for the fiber optic cable splicing and joint. Fiber splice closure is used for aerial, strand-mount FTTH “tap” locations where drop cables are spliced to distribution cables. What is a Fiber Optic…


Single-Sided Vertical Cable Manager for 45U Server Rack

Server rack cable management is a finicky thing. In addition to a better organization of the fiber cables and power cords within racks, you have to run them orderly in a vertical direction. Vertical cable manager is an important role for cable management, which will hold the cables snugly and safely to ensure smooth data transmission. Here focus on single-sides vertical cable manager for…

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How to Select the Right Rackmount Fiber Enclosure?

Currently, Rackmount fiber enclosure has become increasingly popular in data centers to ensure better cable management and maintenance. Fiber enclosure can provide easy-to-manage cabling environments and strong protection for fiber optic cables. And This article is about How to Select the Right Rack Mount Fiber Enclosure for your network? Types and Designs of Rack Mount Fiber Enclosures As one of the most commonly used fiber…


Patch Panel Installation Guide

It’s well known that network technology is changing, but the critical aspect can’t be changed or replaced—patch panel cable management. If the key component is missing, the data transmission will be interrupted and fail to arrive at the destination. Patch panels, as the nerve center of a network system, can ensure the signal to work in an ordered and friendly way….


Introduction to Horizontal and Vertical Cable Manager

For many IT managers or datacenter professionals, one of the most difficult tasks is to keep cables in proper order. Imagine that you walk into a server room to troubleshoot cables because of the bad cable management, you see the cables here, cables there, and cables everywhere. Can you walk through this kind of datacenter without crying? Now that you…


An Eye on the Copper Patch Panels

Are you tired of a messy network? As the world embraces the increasingly faster data-rate network, IT managers felt great stress over the inability to organize and create a neat rack-mounted environment. Patch panels allow the easy management of patch cables and link the cabling distribution areas, which paves the way for a refreshing new approach to a neat optical…