Ethernet Cable Management cabinet with racks and cables

Ethernet Cable Management Solutions

Ethernet cable management, also called network cable management, has been a necessary part for any structured cabling system. However, do you know why Ethernet cable management is needed and how many wire management ways can be exerted, and what their differences are? To know the answers, you can follow this post. Why Need Ethernet Cable Management? With a large number…

server racks in a data center

Guidelines for Data Center Rack Cable Management

Data center rack, as an effective solution to the increasingly higher demand for computing power and high-density network cabling in a data center, has been widely used in the telecommunication field. As a consequence, good cable management of the server rack has been a challenging task for IT technicians and network installers. In this post, how to organize the data…

Installing a rack mount patch panel

Rack Mount Patch Panel Wiki: What’s It? Why Use It? How to Use It?

The patch panel is an indispensable component of the network system. It serves as a static switchboard which connects a lot of devices to the central or critical hardware. Based on different application environment, patch panel can be classified into rack mount patch panel and wall mount patch panel. This article will focus on exploring the former: rack mount patch panel….

cable management panel

Networking Patch Panel Wiki, Types, and Purposes

Networking patch panel has been an indispensable part in daily cabling. Whenever setting up connections for all sorts of devices, like servers and switches, you have to deal with a large number of input and output cables. Under such a circumstance, the patch panel for networking will do help to effectively manage those cumbersome cables. Then, a series of questions…

how to install a patch panel

How to Use the Home Patch Panel ?

When building up home networks, we usually need to deal with numerous cables. It is an ideal solution to use home patch panels for connecting cables to various home network devices. However, some people still hold that there is no need to use the patch panel for the homes. Therefore, this article will give a clear explanation to the home…

Copper cable patch panel

How to Use Cat6a Patch Panel for Network Cabling?

Cat6a patch panel, a kind of copper patch panel has been an important contributor in 10 Gigabit Ethernet for network connection. Nowadays, it has been in widespread deployment in Ethernet network cabling. With such great importance, it’s necessary for us to know how to terminate Cat6a patch panel. An Overview of Cat6a Patch Panel Cat6a patch panel, an improved version…