3M Communications Texas

Corning Enters in Agreement to Acquire 3M

US based global pioneer in fiber optic industry, Corning Incorporated will buy another world famous fiber optic components maker 3M Communications’ Texas based unit. The deal worth US$900 million will make corning strong in the field of fiber optic accessories and components. Corning will acquire substantial stakes of all of 3M’s Communication markets division, a press release from Corning reveals. This move will strengthen Corning’s global market reach and will expand its product portfolio for high bandwidth solution market.

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Tiger Infrastructure Partners Invests in Crosslake Fibre

North American and European network infrastructure investor, Tiger Infrastructure Partners said the company had invested in Crosslake Fibre. Crosslake develops next-generation networks based on optical technology. Crosslake aims to deploy fiber optic cables throughout North America. A recent project includes a new submarine fiber optic cable from Toronto, Canada to Buffalo, New York through Lake Ontario. The project, announced in…

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Alphabet Curbs Expansion of Fiber Optic Networks

The parent company of the internet giant and Google fiber in the United States, Alphabet, has decided to curb its expansion of high-speed fiber optic networks and reduce the manpower in those projects. Alphabet officials said that the company was curbing the fiber expansion and the staff in the unit responsible for the work. Alphabet did not provide an exact…

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Kevin Lo Joins Facebook

Indicating a clear strategy to gear up its fiber optic network deployment, the social media giant Facebook has hired one of the co-founders of Google Fiber, Kevin Lo. He joined as the director of Infrastructure Connectivity and Investments to help lead Facebook’s partnerships such as Terragraph, a project to bring Wi-Fi to dense urban areas and Facebook’s partnership with Microsoft to build a fiber optic cable.

Coats Group Diversifies to Fiber Optic Market

Leading thread manufacturer, Coats Group has bought two businesses related to fiber optic businesses for a combined value of $45m. Coats hopes to expand its influence in the growing and highly profitable fiber optic market segment. The Coats, which makes threads, yarns and fabrics for both industrial clients and ordinary consumers, has acquired Barcelona-based Gotex, which produces high-tech industrial yarns…

Verizon Signs Agreement with Unions

US based Telecom network operator Verizon says they have reached an agreement with the CWA and IBEW on new contracts with the company’s 36,500 employees-mainly wireline and 165 wireless employees in the Northeast. Verizon has been in the news for the past two months ever since the operator announced massive investment plans, followed by a destructive employees strike. Marc Reed,…