Guide to Punch Down Tool

Punch down tool, sometimes called krone tool, is a small hand tool that technicians often use to connect telecommunication or network wires to punch down block, patch panels, keystone module, and surface mount boxes. It usually comprises a handle, a spring mechanism and a removable slotted blade that can cut off excess wires. Having a dependable punch down tool can…

fiber deployment

Do You Know How to Save Fibers in Your Networks?

Do you know how to save fibers in your network to achieve economical cabling? Here may have the answer you want to know.

Blue colored sheathed fiber optic cord having a connector at one end

Fiber Optic Pigtail Selection Guide

With the network cabling environment becoming more and more complex, there is a growing need to terminate fiber optic cables in an efficient and faster manner. Apart from fiber connectors, fiber optic pigtails also can offer a quick way to achieve this goal. Today, this post will introduce the basics and common types of fiber optic pigtail for your reference…