fiber sensors

Light From Optical Fibers Can Induce Sound Waves

Researchers have developed a promising new fiber-optic based chemical sensing method that uses light inside a fiber to induce sound waves outside it, providing indirect information about what surrounds the fiber. By overcoming a significant limitation of existing sensors, the new method could improve sensing capabilities for a wide range of applications, including industrial processes and remote detection of chemicals.

submarine fiber deployment

Decreasing Ice Helps Deployment of Submarine Cable to Alaska

Officials from the Quintillion Networks said the decreasing ice in the sea helps quicker deployment of the submarine fiber optic cable that connects the communities in arctic Alaska. The Anchorage-based network builder has advantage of the open ocean off the coast of Alaska to lay a 1,200-mile subsea fiber-optic cable that’ll provide faster and more reliable broadband internet connections to northern Alaska and the Interior.

fiber optic cable network

Alpha Technologies to Build Fiber Network in South Charleston

The Charleston Gazette-Mail news-portal reported that the city council of South Charleston has approved a resolution that will allow Alpha Technologies Inc. to start deployment of fiber optic network and related infrastructures in the city. The right given to Alpha is non-exclusive. On Thursday’s meeting, the city council approved the resolution through a unanimous voice vote.

Telefonica to Offer Symmetric Services in Spain

Spanish telecom giant, Telefonica (Movistar) will begin to roll out a symmetric 30 Mbps and 300 Mbps broadband service over its fiber networks starting from 7th May. By offering symmetrical download and upload speeds, Telefonica is now updated with its rivals. The new symmetric service will be available for free to all new Movistar Fusion subscribers as well as existing…

ATN Acquires KeyTech Limited

Beverly based Atlantic Tele-Network, ATN has completed the acquisition of a controlling interest in Bermuda telecommunications company KeyTech Limited. The acquisition process combines Bermuda Digital Communications, a leading mobile provider in Bermuda doing business under the “CellOne” name, in the same corporate structure with KeyTech. KeyTech is a Bermuda based company that provides voice, broadband, and cable television services under…

Cable ONE Plans FTTH in Gautier

Arizona based Cable ONE reveals its plan to begin construction of fiber-to-the-home in Gautier, Mississippi, in the new Shell Landing residential development. The cable company estimates that the cost of the project to be around US$250,000. The network deployment will be finished by this year October. Cable ONE officials revealed the company’s plan to build out its fiber-optic network to…