About us

Fiber Optic Mania Social Network - FOMSN is an online social network of people who are in one way or other related to fiber optics! We are a great community discussing topics on fiber optics while sharing and promoting each other's products and companies. Our members find potential customers, buyers, employees, employers or business partners while engaging in activities here. This community believes in mutual help and trust.

Our online journal is dedicated to fiber optics. Fiber Optic Mania attempts to organize world's knowledge in fiber optics so that it can be accessible by everyone. We deliver latest technological advancements, news and product announcements from fiber optic technology suppliers. The news and articles  appearing in this site come after editing by a group of people who are passionate in fiber optics.

Fiber Optic Mania tries to simplify complicated scientific and technical concepts. The field of fiber optic technology uses abstract language to explain complex theories. Hence, it is difficult for people without high scientific or technical academic background to understand the ideas.

The world of telecommunication, especially fiber optics is a mystery even to people with considerable exposure to scientific fields. Fiber Optic Mania uses simple language and plain English to explain complex theories and  hypothetical concepts. Probably this would be the only place in the whole internet world that you see the use of such plain English to explain Fiber optic theories. Read it. Enjoy it and make it your own.

Behind Fiber Optic Mania, we are a group of people sharing a common interest in fiber optics. We do not claim any kind of technical superiority over other sites. In fact, our aim is to co-operate and complement others interested in fiber optics.  We understand that we may not be accurate in our opinions or observations. Please feel free to correct us, whenever necessary. We believe sharing knowledge is fun and through sharing we learn more and expand our horizons.

This site is our humble attempt to learn through sharing what we know and learn by hearing what you know. Let us talk. Our blog Fiber Optic Mania needs articles related to fiber optics. If you are interested to be a co-writer or to be a contributor to the blog please mail to info@fomsn.com. Help us to maintain Fiber Optic Mania to serve those who are interested in fiber optics.

There are interactive discussion forums and groups dedicated to fiber optics. We have an interactive quiz section for those who are interested in testing and improving their knowledge etc. We request you to invite your friends and make this a community dedicated to fiber optics grow. Please share this site with your contacts and friends.