map of falmouth, the United States

Falmouth EDIC Proceeds with OpenCape Fiber Project

The Falmouth EDIC (Economic Development and Industrial Corporation) has decided to proceed with OpenCape project that will deploy fiber optic cables to the enterprise subscribers. OpenCape project aims to deliver seamless undisputed high-speed broadband services to the merchants without any additional cost to them.


Vantage Plans Hyperscale Datacenter in Greater Phoenix

Vantage Data Centers has chosen Phoenix in Arizona as the place for building its next hyperscale datacenter in the United States. Fiber optic cables will be extensively used in the data center to provide highly reliable and high-speed data transfers. Greater Phoenix would host the largest data center of Vantage.

Southern Telecom Company Georgia

STI and SEIMITSU Partner to Serve Central Georgia

Southern Telecom Inc. (STI) has entered into a partnership agreement with SEIMITSU (SEIMITSU Business Technology Solutions) to deliver fiber optic services to a multinational technology company in Central Georgia. The technology company is utilizing STI’s optical fibers to connect and expand its own broadband network and support a greater customer experience across the Southeast US region. The strategic partnership with SEIMITSU will offer colocation and a new fiber route.

Open Source vs Proprietary Software: Which Is Better?

Open source software allows the source code to be shared, viewed and modified by users, while proprietary software doesn’t. Open source software provides more flexibilities like programming the network or adding applications, but proprietary is designed for out-of-the-box usage. When it comes to choosing one for business purposes, IT staff generally come across the question, open source vs proprietary software,…

No Switchport Command: How Much Do You Know?

When working with switches, you may meet some interface configuration mode commands such as swtichport mode access, no switchport, etc. Well, do you know what the no switchport command is? Could it be supported by Layer 2 switch or Layer 3 switch? How to use no switchport command? In this article, we will share some insights and help solve the…

Why Should You Use A Managed Switch With PoE?

Nowadays, managed PoE switches are getting more and more popular among network users. Many people are likely to choose a managed switch with PoE function rather than an unmanaged one. Why does this appear? Are there special reasons? Look at this post to learn why you should use a managed switch with PoE as well as the difference between an…