FS 1U Rackmount Enclosure Comparison: FHD-1UFMT-N vs FHD-1UFCE

Nowadays, rack mount enclosure (or rack enclosure) is widely used in enterprise data centers, server rooms, schools, etc. to manage network cables. As one of the most popular options, 1U rackmount enclosure is a priority choice in many situations. While, normally, there are two styles (slide-out style and removable style) of enclosures in the same 1U rack space. Then, how…

Wireless router image

Wireless Gigabit Market Anticipated To Grow Exponentially By 2022

“Wireless Gigabit Market by Product (Display Devices & Network Infrastructure Devices), by Technology (System-on-Chip (SoC) & Integrated Circuit Chips (IC)), by Application and by Geography – Global Forecasts to 2022″ The wireless gigabit market is estimated to grow from USD 0.30 Billion in 2015 to USD 2.73 Billion by 2022, at a CAGR of 32.9% during the forecast period. The…

TE Subcom submarine fiber optic cable installation

Cerberus Acquires TE Connectivity’s Subsea Communications Business

The Subsea Communications business of TE Connectivity has been acquired by Cerberus (Cerberus Capital Management, L.P. and its affiliates), a global leader in alternative investing. The group announced the competition of the acquisition process by an official statement on November 7th and industry veteran David Coughlan has been appointed Chief Executive Officer of the new company. the business has been rebranded to SubCom, LLC (“SubCom”). 


42U Network and Server Cabinet Recommendation

To meet the increasing high-density cabling, the server cabinet or network cabinet is often chosen as the solution, especially for enterprises from the telecommunication industry. Sometimes, it may be confusing to choose a specified type. To solve that, we will recommend a favorable choice for you: 42U network & server cabinet. An overview of 42U Network & Server Cabinet For…


10GbE RJ45 Switch Recommendations

Over the years, the advent of more affordable 10GBASE-T copper solutions has seen growing adoption. And modern business, from sales and marketing to technical support and service, has become increasingly dependent on a fast and reliable network. With a 10GbE RJ45 switch, people can better manage and protect their networks, avoiding network congestion at a busy time and shortening the response time…

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The World Celebrates the Birthday of Father of Fiber Optics

Today, the November 4 is the birthdate of Sir Charles Kuen Kao (Professor Kao), the man who is known as the Godfather of Broadband, Father of Fiber Optics and the Father of Fiber Optic Communication. FOMSN joins with the world of fiber optic professionals to celebrate his birthday. FTTH Council Europe has sent out an email to the registered users to remind the “Gimme Fibre Day”, which is on 4th November as a tribute to Professor Kao.