The Reasons of Optical Module Failure and its Prevention Ways

The failure of the optical transceiver is the commonly-seen problem in daily life. Many people may think why it is in failure when the optical module is applied in common ways. Today, Gigalight will expose the answer to you. 1. The Reasons Why Optical Module Is in Failure? The failure of an optical transceiver module usually means the failure of…

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Proximus Selects VIAVI Fiber Monitoring System

VIAVI Solutions announced that Belgian telecommunications company Proximus has selected it’s Fiber Monitoring System for VIAVI ONMSi Optical Network Monitoring System to test and monitor Proximus’s expanding fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) network at the build-out stage to help maintain quality and reliability.

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The Impacts of High Temperature or Low Temperature to Optical Transceiver

It is believed that the failure of the optical transceiver is commonly seen in the application process. The reason why the problem appears to include many aspects, in which the temperature is also the key factor. Whether it is too high or too low will have an effect on the optical transceiver module. The Introduction to Normal Temperature of Optical…

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What is the Development Trends of Optical Module?

With the continual development of network technology, the communication network is gradually developed toward higher information transmission rate and smaller in the volume of communication devices. While optical transceiver module, as the key part in optical communication, is also inevitably improved in some certain trend. Then what is the trend? In this post, Gigalight will introduce it to you. The…