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Cameroon Updates Status of National Fiber Backbone Project

Cameroon’s Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications updated that the total distance of fiber optic networks in the country has reached to nearly 12,000 kilometers. This was achieved by installing 3,950 kilometers of backbone fiber cables as part of the third phase of national fiber optic backbone project. The third phase is completed this year. Cameroon started the first phase of the national fiber optic backbone project in 2009. Second phase was started in 2011 and was completed in 2013. Second phase consisted of 3,200 kilometers of fiber cable route. As part of the strategy, the second phase was executed at the northern region of the country.


Recommendations for Gigabit Switch with 10G Uplink Port

Gigabit network switches connect Ethernet devices in a network while providing great performance capabilities. In many network structures, gigabit Ethernet switches are often used as access switches that connect devices in a local area network. As the pace of network migration is getting fast, the need for gigabit switch with 10G uplink is growing too. And numbers of network administrators…

Fiber Optic Installers Murdered in Central Mali

While the world fight to eliminate terror elements, we hear sad news from Mali, a landlocked North African country that a team of 5 fiber optic cable installation crew has been kidnapped and then murdered by terrorists. The team of fiber optic installers was working at a project site in Central Mali for a Chinese company. Four of them were…

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BTC Expands Fiber Optic Network in Targovishte

Bulgarian telecommunications Company BTC reports that it had added the city of Targovishte, in the northeast of the country, to its fiber optic network. At present more than 7,000 households in Targovishte have access to the BTC’s optical fiber network and their number is estimated to grow steadily with the planned expansion of BTC’s networks.

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India Intends to Use Satellites for Broadband Service

Evolving satellite technologies may offer competitive broadband architectures in th future, India’s Telecom minister Manoj Sinha said. He was talking at an event organized by Broadband India Forum. Providing Affordable broadband to the public is a challenge to the telecommunication authorities in India. Though Indian government make every effort to deploy wired broadband through optical fibers, the reality in India makes the service providers depend on wireless technologies.

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Things You Should Know about QSFP28 CWDM4

It’s known that QSFP28 optics play a key part in current 100G Ethernet, in which 2 km 100G QSFP28 CWDM4 stands out. To some degree, its appearance satisfies the requirements for both low cost and long transmission distance in the data center. Today, this article will have an introduction to 100G QSFP28 CWDM4 in these aspects, such as CWDM4 MSA,…