Which Cabling Solution is Better for Your Data Center

Although cabling only represents less than 10 percent of the overall data center network investment, it outlives most network elements and treated as the most difficult and potentially costly component. With the data center cabling ranging from 1G to 10G, 10G to 40G and even to 100G, more complex cabling is required to ensure a good service or scalability for…


Brief Introduction to Network Adapter

Generally, for a home network, the most important consideration is the speed you have contracted for with your Internet service provider (ISP). And network adapters as an important element in wire management, are required to connect to the Internet with or without an Ethernet cable. There are many types of network adapters, a wireless one can help people connect to…


Is It Worthwhile to Use Cat 7 Ethernet Cable?

Ethernet cables provide a stable internet connection between electrical devices, which are standardized cables to facilitate easy communication between disparate electronic equipment. These electronic devices can either be fax machines, printers, scanners, or personal computers. Ethernet cables can be categorized into several types based on different specifications. Category 7 Ethernet cable, also refers to Cat 7, which is the wire…


Seven Tips for the Cable Installation

Cable installation can be a finicky thing. People without appropriate knowledge and training cannot be employed for the installation of the cables, since they may end up with work that causes network failure. End users might have the experience of running telephone cables so that they want to take the risk of wiring network cables. In fact, telephone cables can…

Fiber to the home technology

Mobily Announces Completion of Arar Project

UAE based Etisalat’s subsidiary company in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Mobily announced the successful deployment of fiber optic infrastructure that will link the Kingdom with Iraq. The newly laid high-speed communication network will ensure better regional connectivity and enhanced broadband services in the border areas of Saudi Arabia. Mobily intends to deliver broadband services in the city of Arar….


Using A GLC-SX-MM Transceiver to Connect Gigabit Ethernet Network

If you are still using a 100BASE network or GBIC transceiver for a small office, you may run into the limitations of last decade’s technology. Because the 100BASE standard network is just fine for a small office, but it isn’t sufficient to handle heavier network use. As your network expands, you might experience problems like dropouts in your VoIP calls,…