Guide to Bend-insensitive Multimode Fiber 1

Guide to Bend-insensitive Multimode Fiber

A common problem facing cabling installers during installation or other fiber handling is the light losses or weaker optical signal, which is caused by the fact that when a fiber bend radius exceeds the specified figure, the angle at which the light hits the cladding changes and some light will escape and result in power loss. It’s known that light losses is the commonplace found in fibers, like LC-SC multimode fiber patch cord. In 2009, bend-insensitive multimode fiber (BIMMF) has been introduced, which can withstand tight bends, or even kinks, or other withstand tough treatment without suffering significant light losses in many cases.

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Damage to Fiber Optic Network Adds Woes to idea Cellular in Kerala

Mobile phones of idea and Airtel subscribers were silent yesterday due to the disruptions caused on the fiber optic cable networks in the State of Kerala in India. Indian news media reported that the mobile phone service providers, Idea Cellular and Bharti Airtel have been struggling to keep the network live.

Optical fiber cable under the sea showing sea creatures nearby

NEC Puts FASTER Cable System into Operation

Japan-based NEC Corporation has completed the ‘FASTER’ submarine fiber optic cable system and put it into service on June 30. The cable system owned by a consortium of six major international companies was tested for end-to-end reliability and transmission by NEC before the start of the operation. The new trans-Pacific submarine cable system spans 9,000 kilometers. The FASTER Cable system…

Fiber optic connectors

Guide to Fiber Optical Connectors

Fiber optical cable is the composite material, typically consists of a hair-thin glass used to transmit pulses of light instead of electrical signals. Thus the termination must be much more precise. Compared with copper cables end with RJ connectors, fiber optic connectors must align microscopic glass fibers perfectly to make metal to metal contact. There are many different types of…

Pros and Cons of Fiber Optic Networks 3

Pros and Cons of Fiber Optic Networks

With the obvious advantages, fiber optic cables have become an essential component in fiber optic communications. Terminated with connectors on ends, these cables (e.g. SC-SC fiber cable) carry the light signals generated by the transmitter to the receiver.