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Be Careful When Working With Fiber Optic Cable

It’s known that safety issues or hazards are commonplace in both copper and fiber cabling installation, faced by installers. And when it comes to this topic, many people think that copper cabling installation needs more attention and caution, since they carry electricity. In comparison, optical fibers are safer because of the light they carry. But actually, this concept is misplaced….

Graded Index or Step Index Multimode Fiber 1

Graded Index or Step Index Multimode Fiber

This article will describe the main characteristics of optical fiber in general, and the comparison between step index and graded index fibers in particular.

Considerations About Fiber Optic Cable Installation 3

Considerations About Fiber Optic Cable Installation

When deployed outside, fiber optic cables may be direct buried, pulled or blown into conduit or innerduct, or installed aerially between poles. When used outside, they can be e installed in raceways, cable trays, placed in hangers, pulled into conduit or innerduct or blown through special ducts with compressed gas. The installation process depends on the nature of the installation and the type of cables being used.

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Vodafone and Wind Partners to Build Fiber Network in Greece

Leading telecom operators Vodafone and Wind in Greece have reached an agreement to build fiber optic network for mutual benefit. The telecommunication companies on Monday announced their agreement to cooperate in planning and operating next-generation networks (NGNs), aiming to put pressure on the government, as well as dominant market player OTE telecom, which is building its own fiber network on…

Fiber Optic Termination Overview 5

Fiber Optic Termination Overview

Most fiber optic connectors are plugs or so-called male connectors with a protruding ferrule that holds the fibers and aligns two fibers for mating. Choosing a connector type for any installation should consider if the connector is compatible with the systems planned to utilize the fiber optic cable plant, if the termination process is familiar to the installer and if the connector is acceptable to the customer. If the systems are not yet specified, patch cords with different connectors on each end (e.g. LC ST patch cable) may be necessary.

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Datacenter Solutions Provider IO Partners with Superloop

IO, a provider of data center services, has agreed to partner with Superloop to create a dark fiber metropolitan area network in Singapore. As a result, customers of IO will benefit from better, more reliable, diverse connectivity to their other global data centers and business locations.