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Batelco Signs Agreement with GCCIA for Batelco Gulf Network

Bahrain based telecommunication service provider Batelco (Bahrain Telecommunications Company) announces the launch of Batelco Gulf Network known shortly as BGN through which will offer connectivity to all GCC (Gulf Cooperation Countries) members. BGN in launched in cooperation with the Gulf Cooperation Council Interconnection Authority (GCCIA). The partnership agreement was sealed and signed by Batelco CEO Eng. Muna Al Hashemi and GCCIA CEO Ahmed Ali Al-Ebrahim in the presence of officials from both organizations.

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Guyana Wants to Revive the Failed Fiber Project

Guyana Government wishes to bring back its failed fiber optic project. The telecommunications minister says a fund of $200M has been allotted to support the fiber optic project from the Government. The minister said that even though the deployment is currently stopped, efforts are on the way to revive the failed project of Guyana’s previous ruling PPP (People’s Progressive Party).


Proximus Launches FTTH Trial in Anspach

Belgium based telecom operator, Proximus has launched a pilot project in which it will deliver free FTTH broadband services to subscribers of Anspach neighborhood in Brussels. The FTTH deployment intends to utilize currently available telecom infrastructures in order to reduce civil construction works. Reduction in civil work will minimize inconvenience to the public and will reduce deployment cost.

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First Phase of AP Fibre Grid Will be Ready by July

The first phase of the Fibre Grid Project in India’s southern state of Andhra Pradesh is progressing as per plans and is scheduled for completion by the end of July 2016. News from India says that the ambitious project for broadband connectivity in the state has been already identified by the central authorities as a model that can be adopted by other states for fiber deployment.

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Africa Needs Satellite and Fiber

Via Satellite has published an interview with the Chief Executive of FTTH Council Africa, Juanita Clark, which we think would be interesting to our members and readers.  She told that the developing world lags behind in FTTH deployments today, but there is a groundswell of efforts to connect more people, which may soon boost these numbers. I would like to share…


Megacable Deploys FTTH in Queretaro

Leading Mexican cable operator, Megacable Communications says they have invested around US$50 million for the deployment of optical fiber cable and accessories to build FTTH infrastructure in the north-central state of Queretaro. Megacable will deliver telephony (VoIP) and pay-TV (IPTV) services using the optical network.