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Italy Prepares Dedicated Website to Update Broadband Status

In an attempt to monitor and speed up the fiber optic broadband deployments in Italy, the Ministry of Economic Development (MISE) has announced the launch of a dedicated website that updates the details of most recent progress made in the government’s plan to build a national high-speed fiber-optic broadband network. The government authorities are getting serious in their commitment to…

End User’s Guide to Fiber Optics 1

End User’s Guide to Fiber Optics

Fiber optics is the primary medium we use to communicate today. For instance, Phones, landline or wireless, the Internet and cable TV all communicate on fiber optic cables. Fiber optics carry signals as pulses of light while copper cables carry signals as pulses of electrons. Fiber’s advantages over the copper result from the physics of transmitting with photons instead of electrons. In a glass, optical attenuation is much less than the attenuation of electrical signals in copper and much less dependent on signal frequency.

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Comparison Among Twisted Pair, Co-axial Cable and Fiber Optics

In communication systems, massive bundles of wires and cables are used to transport data between servers and other equipment. These cables can be twisted pair cables, co-axial cables, and fiber optic cables. Since all these three types can be applied to network communications, it’s essential to determine which cable type is the best for reliable and efficient data transfer, meaning that a basic understanding of their respective designs and features is necessary. This text aims to compare these three kinds and discuss the differences between them.


BTRC Identifies Grameenphone’s Network for Sonali Bank as illegal

Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC) says the mobile operator Grameenphone has provided internet services to Sonali Bank, which is a violation of country’s telecom rules. Grameenphone deployed fiber optic cables to provide digital connectivity and provide online transactions of the Sonali bank, which the regulator noted as against the licensing rights given to the Grameenphone and termed the network as illegal.

Optical Cable Corporation’s Shareholders have Reasons to be Happy

Asheville based Optical fiber cable manufacturer OCC (Optical Cable Corporation) has reported profits and posted its earnings on March this year. Now the company has reported US$0.28 earnings per share (EPS) for the quarter. OCC earned US$14 million during the quarter, compared to analysts’ expectations of US$17.36 million. Earnings per share (EPS) is an important number in business as it…

NEC Breaks Spectral Efficiency Record of Submarine Optical Transmission

The Japan-based NEC Corporation has demonstrated a groundbreaking transmission capacity of optical fiber. The team was able to transmit 34.9 terabits per second (Tbps) on a single optical fiber over a distance greater than 6,300 kilometers. This innovation will have tremendous applications, especially in the future cross-continent communication using submarine fiber optic cables. NEC’s achievement breaks the spectral efficiency record…